Produced from the hand-picked harvest of the cultivar: Frantoio (60%), Moraiolo (30%), Leccino (10%) and extracted at a low temperature, it is an oil that, with subtle variations caused by seasonal events, gives a bouquet of fresh grass and artichokes. The taste has bitter tones, mixed with a spicy finish. It is excellent for all types of dressing, bringing out the flavour of barbequed Chianina beef.


Produced by the distillation of the residue of the Chianti grapes after pressing, it is crystalline, with an intense flavour ending with a soft and mellow taste.

This is a traditional Tuscan liqueur, obtained from the crushing of walnuts, picked in June, into the distillate of the grapes after pressing. It is dense and dark coloured, with an intense aroma and a lingering and distinctive taste, having excellent digestive properties.


This is a dry white wine with a characteristic aromatic personality. It is produced with the must of Trebbiano (80%) and Moscato (20%) grapes. The intense aroma of the Moscato stands out over the flavours of yeast and white flowers. The taste is fresh and goes well with light foods, such as fish, hors-d’oeuvres and vegetables.
Serving temperature: 10°-12°

Fermented and keeped in iron or cement tanks, ruby red coloured, it has the typical aromas and flavours of a young wine. Suitable for the daily use, it accompanies successfully every type of first courses and meats.

Obtained from selected Trebbiano grapes, dried on cane mats and pressed in December, the Vinsanto completes its slow fermentation and ageing process in very small barrels, where it remains for at least three years before being extracted. It is an amber coloured wine with intense aromas of dry fruits and honey giving it a taste of sweetness and softness coupled with traditional warm characteristics, and a lingering flavour. The Vinsanto of Chianti accompanies all types of cake/desserts and combines interestingly with chocolate. Serving temperature: 10°-12°.


Grapes selected from the Sangiovese (80%), Canaiolo and Colorino (20%) vines are crushed at a low temperature and then fermented in contact with their skins. The maturing and refining begins in cement tanks and finishes in the bottle. It is ruby red in colour with a pleasant aroma of fruits and spices. In the mouth there is evidence of freshness, tannicity, typicity.with a lingering flavour. It is particularly good served with first courses and barbequed and boiled meats.
Serving temperature: 16°-18°.

The selected grapes of Sangiovese (90%) and Merlot (10%) become wine when crushed at a low temperature and subsequent fermentation in cement tanks. Contact with the skins is particularly important during this whole process. Ageing takes place in cement and small oak barrels, followed by some months in bottles for refining. It has an intense ruby red colour, and a bouquet of red and black fruits, jam and spices. In the mouth, the tastes linger, with a good balance between the tannins and the mellow and warm flavours. It is good served with all types of meat, including stew and game.
Serving temperature: 16°-18°.